Between these walls

Between these walls,

Is where I live.

Day after Day

Night after night

The time I spend between these walls,

Is the time I’ll always regret,

And the time I will forever and ever,

Try to forget.

Life has so many opportunities

And promises

That I haven’t reached yet.

For the things you people take for

Granted beyond these walls,

Are the things we prisoners

Cherish most of all.

The love,

The hugs,

The kisses,

To watch our kids play and grow.

As you can see all of that,

Can be taken away.

Between these walls,

There is no laughter,

There is no fun,

There is no love,

Just the harsh reality,

Of the time we got left,

‘Til we reach home.

Between these walls,

There is nothing but pure,

Hate, shame, and guilt.

Because we know the time,

We have wasted between these walls,

Is forever gone.

Between these walls,

All we have to look forward to,

Is life beyond these prison walls.

Beyond these walls,

If I could ever change the past,

I would never be between these prison walls.

Between these walls,

You learn life is too short,

To be locked in an 8×10 cell everyday.

Between these walls

Is where I’ll live.

If I never change my ways.

But for now,

Between these walls,

Is where I live.

-Shane Hart


5 Responses to Between these walls

  1. Mike says:

    It is good to see that, for at least this individual, prison has caused him to reconsider the effect his choices made on his life.

  2. M says:

    All I found was insulation.

  3. Theodore says:

    This is very deep, also kind of depressing

  4. V says:

    A nicely written reflection; it makes me appreciate my freedom.

  5. Anna says:

    it’s good to see this prisoner regrets his misdeeds. Sounds like he can be rehabilitated.

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