Beside myself

At times I get beside myself

These times are more than rare

Of knowledge on life, I have a wealth;

But still my heart is bare.

I just can’t seem to locate- With precision- where I strayed.

Could it be due to “my fate” That my visions disarrayed?

My mind stays occupied with thoughts

Of evil, as my goal, Implanted by the demon wrought

And ‘cased within my soul I try so hard to slay this itch,

But all to no avail. I guess I give up way to quick. I guess that’s where I fail.

What was I born to be in life?

What is my “special mission”?

Have I been through this more than twice

Because I never listened?

Do I still have a purpose left?

Is my life stuck on hold?

Let me get back inside myself,

Before I’m way too old.

-Larry Alverson


3 Responses to Beside myself

  1. Nancy Campbell says:

    Very moving.

  2. Larisa says:

    Thought provoking.

  3. Christopher says:

    So many questions

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