Prison Life

Menard C.C. used to be tough as can be.

Now that the guards have control it’s more like P.C.

Tuck your shirt in! Line up 2 by 2! Step out of line? There’s a ticket waiting for you…

Put your property away! Clean up your cell! Is this a prison or a man made hell?

Catch an illness? Good luck getting to healthcare!

They’d rather see you suffer or even die up in here…

Lockdown happens often, yard-time not even enough

Shake- down’s suck! Especially when they tear through your stuff!

Privacy? Not a chance!

Dignity? Yeah right! The pit will wear you down, when you wanna quit the fight….

So if the pit appeals to you, come on down

But I guarantee you your smile will turn into a frown Want to be treated like a puppet?

This is the place to be

But take it from me, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy…


2 Responses to Prison Life

  1. Nancy Campbell says:

    Powerful! This should be used to scare kids straight. Maybe they will think twice before they make a life changing mistake.

  2. Bill Bayci says:

    I liked it!

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