A good women

When in the depth of dark despair in sorrow and in pain, the faith in a good women will never be in vain when disappointments comes my way and tears my heart in I always try to remember a good women will someday come through no cause is ever hopeless, no goal to high to gain as long as I have faith in a good women any height I can attain lock forward to each new born day with faith that’s born anew, and let a good women be the guiding light within the life of me myself and I.

-Curley King


2 Responses to A good women

  1. Jonathan says:

    Atleast this prisoner has some optimism, seems like the possibility of finding a good woman is guiding him through his sentence.

  2. Ali says:

    It’s really interesting that the majority of the prisoners wrote about the loss of love. It shows you its a human need that is the same in all of us.

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