From the pulpit of blind patriotism,

you preach to me about god and nation
this so called “land of freedom”

built on the backs of slaves through genocide and exploitation

And in the name of god, you murder without reservation, the men and women who resist domination.

And with that you expect me to salute and wave,

the blood stained banner, that you so proudly wave

as a symbol of freedom, and justice for all,

yet the day will come, for you to be called,

to answer for the crime, that you’ve been committing,

and when it does, we’ll all be singing, a song of triumph

and liberation won, a ballad in the name of Revolution!

-Derek Walsh


4 Responses to Revolution

  1. Larry says:

    A violent response to violence perpetuates that which he distains.

  2. Bethany says:

    This prisoner has a lot of anger. I hope he can overcome the anger, and find peace within himself.

  3. Laura says:

    I really loved this poem- this man seems to not only be upset with his own choices, but the hypocrisies of the American judicial system. beautifully written. great project.

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