An Ex’s Song

My girl grew wings and flew away. And promised to return another day. And only one day seemed like a week. And a month seemed like eternity.

My girl why do you leave me be Abandoned to Earth while you fly free? Through my wings bolden peacocks hue They’re not fit to fly as yours for you.

My girl and I are not made of dreams, Chimeric emeric ephemeral things. I am a man, flesh and wood. That cannot miss what I’ve not loved.

My girl if I gave you my heart Would you trade it for love and set apart Nominal grief once dealt to you And teach me to fly and the blue?

My girl I hope my song be clear. And reach the skies so you shall hear. And return to teach they soul be free. So we shall glide the highest breeze.

-Rakhama Latrice


2 Responses to An Ex’s Song

  1. Nancy Campbell says:

    Nice job.

  2. Julie says:

    This poem was really touching to me because I just broke up with my boyfriend.

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